Master Key Lock

When we're speaking about residential and commercial security and safety needs, keys will almost always be on top of the subject. Restricted security key blanks of a master key are patent protected disabling other key manufacturers create duplicates of that design.

Master keys are usually being used by apartment owners where they can open each door of their rented rooms/flats, and each occupant possess their own keys for a specific unit as well. That same key may also open the main door into their building or other common areas. However, it cannot be used to open another apartment unlike master keys.

Multiple master, grand master, and sub master keys may be involved in the master key system making it a complex system. Masker key system is all you need when you want to possess only one key to access all doors in your home or commercial building.

According to the requirements of the key holder, we are able to create different master key systems. Calling us would be the best thing you should do when in lock trouble. Reach us through our number and we'll provide answers anytime. Our customer support is available 247.